Thursday, November 30, 2006

Referrals through September 8

I got up this morning and as I usually do, I checked the CCAA website for changes and sure enough, it had changed. They matched families through September 8, 2005. Well obviously we were not in this group, but we should definately be in the next one. So, I am now hoping and praying that we will see her face sometime in December. At least if I have to wait another month it is know how this month just seems to fly by.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My husband, Clayton and I started our adoption journey many years ago in the form of prayer. After our 4th son was born in 1998, we started thinking about adopting a little girl. I guess it was about the year 2000 when we really started feeling that God was leading us in this direction and we began to pray. Now, about 6 years later we are now very anxiously awaiting the news of the little one that God has intended to be part of our family. We have chosen the name Mylia Joy. We are very close to referral as we have an LID (log-in-date) September 15, 2005. We have been waiting for this referral for over 14 months and it looks like we will get it sometime next month. But who knows...we may be surprised and be in the batch coming out any day now. God still does miracles.

I stated above that we have four sons. Our oldest, 21, is in the US Navy and doesn't live at home. James is next and his birthday is today, November 29 - he is 15. Then we have Andy. He is 13 and is a wonderful high functioning autistic boy. He brings us many smiles everyday. Then we have Timmy -- the "stinkweed" He is a bundle of energy and can't wait to meet his little sister. He is 8, but seems older somehow.

My mother is getting ready to retire from banking in December. This past summer she built a mother-in-law suite onto our house. So, my children are blessed to have Maw Maw living under the same roof with them. She is also very excited to meet another grandchild. This will make 9 for her.