Sunday, March 4, 2007


March 4, 2007
What a day!! There are no words to express what today was like. We got up, had breakfast and went to the Beijing airport to catch a plane leaving at 11:30 to fly to Nanchang where we would finally meet our daughter, Mylia. When we got to Nanchang, we were met by De (dur) and his interpreter. They are our guides throughout this “leg” of the journey. We rode a bus to our hotel, the Jiangxi Hotel. When we got to the hotel we only had about ½ hour before we had to leave to go to the Nanchang Adoption Center to pick up our babies. We only had to wait a few minutes and then all of a sudden there was about 6 people coming in the room carrying babies. Mylia was in the first person’s hands, though I didn’t realize it at the time. Then we were all there trying to get a good look at the babies and try and figure out who was who. At first, I couldn’t tell, but then all of a sudden it just “hit me” which one was my baby girl. She wasn’t crying, although she had one lone tear on her cheek. Then they started calling family numbers. We are family number 3. We had to show them our passports before they could hand her to us. But, when they did…oh my!! Instant bonding. She never cried. She seemed happy to be with us. When we got to the hotel, after playing with her for a little while, I gave her her first bath (by me) I fixed her a bottle and she drank that down. We played some more. She just seems so comfortable with us. I hope this trend continues. She likes to suck on her index finger and her thumb at the same time. It is quite cute. At one point, I was playing with her and she just laughed and laughed. She has a beautiful smile. She is now fast asleep in her crib and all is well.


John Paul, Andrea ,Ben and Alyana said...

Congrats on your daughter. She is beautiful. I hope you enjoy your trip !
Andrea from Canada

CurryV said...

We are so happy for you. Can't wait to see her in real life ... and you! Your extra-long pregnancy is over at last. Praise God! We love you, Dad & Vida