Thursday, March 8, 2007

March 7 - Pavilion; March 8 - Village

Yesterday we went to a Pavilion. From what I could understand, it was a Pavilion that represented the four different dynasties here in China. With each dynasty they would change the Pavilion and it would be different from the dynasty before it. While we were there, we saw a Chinese dance and music show. It was pretty neat. Mylia could have cared less…just wanted her bottle. By the way, she likes it with rice cereal and hot.

Today was mostly just hanging in the hotel until 2:00 when we went to a village outside Nanchang city. We stopped on the way to buy little gifts of candy and pencils, stuff like that, to give to the children of the village. It was so sad. It was worse than any slum in the states. They were thrilled to receive a pencil or candy from us. It made me so glad to be living where we do. I got to thinking about if God had not chosen Mylia for our family, what kind of conditions would she be living in. Maybe not even as good as what we saw today. We in the United States need to grateful everyday for what we have.

Tomorrow, all we are doing is staying around the hotel and doing more paperwork. I think it is paperwork in preparation for the Consulate appointment when we get to
Guanzhou. That is where we have her medical appointment for her visa. I just can’t wait to get home and settle in to a daily routine.

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CurryV said...

We're enjoying our China tour with you. Sounds like you're ready to come home and get into a regular routine. Hope the paperwork is quick and painless! You've certainly had enough experience with paper to last a lifetime! We know you're anxious to see your family at home, too. Your pictures are great. God bless the rest of your trip! We love you! Dad & Woman