Monday, March 12, 2007


March 12, 2007
Today we had Mylia’s visa medical exam. They checked about 17 babies in about one hour. They had several stations we had to go through. They checked her weight which came to be 8.0 kg. which translates to about 17 pounds. She had all her clothes and her shoes on for this. I am not too sure how accurate their scales are because she is wearing the size two diapers which go to 16 pounds and they fit her with a couple pounds to spare. Of course, one of the father of one of the mom’s here said that she is carrying about two pounds in her cheeks alone.

The first pictures posted today are of Mylia playing on Daddy’s lap. Too Cute!!! Enjoy!!


The Russell Garden said...

Dear Yo and Clayton,
We are so excited for you and Mylia. I showed the girls their new cousin! She's beautiful...what a miracle. Many blessings to you!

CurryV said...

Dear Ones,
The pictures were precious indeed! She is so sweet. We will be happy when we get to meet her. The visit in China is wonderful as well. We pray that God continues to bless your journey. Not too much longer now!
Lotsa love, Dad & Woman